While this is an otome game, PersonA ~Phantom of the Opera~ does contain nudity and is NOT for children under the age of 18. I do not and will not condone children under the age of 18 playing this game. This game contains nudity, as well as scenes involving sexual situations, and is not appropriate for minors. I take no responsibility for anyone who plays this game and is offended by its contents. You have been warned.

This game is also only loosely based on the original Phantom of the Opera story. It is an original adaptation, complete with new characters and altered storylines. If you don’t like it, don’t play it 😛


5 thoughts on “Warning!”

  1. I'm-reading-a-heinta-game...I-dont-think[so:P said:

    LMFAO! Thanks for the warning I will now play this game carefully …..well at least somewhere that nobody will see (or hear) me playing it! You sound so very stern when your saying the waring…it actually sounds rather funny! But I am really looking forward to doing this game I know about 5 different people that are foaming at the mouth for this game….so no pressure:P Thanks for all the work you do!

    -a very VERY excited fan!

  2. huheuhuehue said:

    Are you still translating the game?

  3. hey where is your new post in 2015? 😦

  4. R18?? I’m in! LOL Keep up the good work! I will be waiting for the translated version of this !

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