This is the beginning of the game, and it’s all I currently have translated at the moment. It spans from the first click of the game all the way through to the opening movie. Some notes before you start:

*Every time there is an empty line, that means that the next sentence appears on the next screen.

*My character’s name is Christine Daae, so that’s the name I used for the main character.

*I took some liberties with the translation. There are certain things that do not translate well from Japanese to English, so I did my best to make it flow as well as possible. If you have any suggestions or find any errors, do not hesitate to contact me.

~HAJIME! (Let’s begin!)~

The Paris Opera house, designed by Monsharman, was completed in 1875.

When the Opera House was completed, everyone breathed a winsome sigh from the beauty that they witnessed.

Unbeknownst to him, the Paris Opera House put Monsharman, the designer, in a place of great respect. It would become known as the Palace of Monsharman.

Since the opening of the Opera, Monsharman posed as the manager. The person who managed the patrons of the opera is named Poliny.

The opera was famous in Paris, but it was well known throughout the world.

After a time, strange phenomena began to occur at the Opera House.

Then one day….

A mysterious person delivered a threatening letter sealed with a red skull. The letter was signed “F of the Opera”

The letter demanded that the best seat of the house, Box 5, be kept reserved for him. It also demanded a salary of 240,000 fances per year.

The author of the letter also severely criticized the productions at the Opera House.

Finally, the letter stated that if his demands were not met, then the strange phenomena would begin to escalate.

At first, they ignored the letter, figuring it was some terrorist making idle threats. But every day that followed, more strange phenomena began to occur, gradually going in intensity. Everyone whispered that it was “F of the Opera”‘s doing.

Fearing further retaliation, Poliny gave in to the demands, though he would never admit it to Monsharman.

When Poliny could no longer endure the terror, he resigned.

Monsharman wanted the new manager to be Richard Firman, who was also a prominent musician.

He was pleased when Mr. Richard accepted the offer.

Our story begins here…

This is the cemetery, the one next door to the church…


It was near dusk when I went to father’s grave. It always reminds me of the time so long ago when we lived together in peace, just the 3 of us.

It was so much fun back then. The memory makes me sad.

Christine: “…..Father, I wonder where my older brother Kyle is now?”
“Why must I be alone like this?”
“…..I’ll see you again soon, I’ve got to go now.”

After visiting father’s grave to greet him, I visited the church.

I opened the door to the church and, once inside, The priest gave me a bouquet of daisies in an envelope, though he didn’t know who they were from.

It’s the same routine every time I visit, just like it always has been, like it always will be.

Since father’s death, I have received the same bouquet of flowers at the change of every season, in the same unmarked envelope.

In the envelope, there is a message card and enough money to get me through the next few months.

The message is always the same, word for word, every time.

“So happy you visited…”

Ever since the first time I visited him, he has supported me. It’s as if my father is still alive, helping me somehow.

I was even able to attend music school, thanks to him…

…..So…..I thank you, father… even though I know it can’t really be you.

It must just be someone father told to take care of me before he died.

It was nice for a while, thinking it was my father, but now I want to say thank you…. to see you.

After visiting father, I returned to my apartment.

Christine: “I’m home, father, and big brother Kyle.”

Looking at this picture, it’s almost as if I can hear their voices.

In the photo is my father and big brother, Kyle, along with myself and two other boys.

Christine: “Father, big brother…”
“I’ll be singing in the cafe tomorrow….”
“My dream of becoming a Prima Donna didn’t come true, I can only sing at the cafe.  But I guess I’m happy, right?”
“Besides, I still have my mysterious benefactor at the church. He sent me money again today….”
“….Father, big brother? Do you know who my mysterious benefactor is?”

Of course, the photo doesn’t answer me. All I receive are their smiles.

I was so young in this photo, and I was smiling so happily.

Looking back, I think this was one of my happiest memories.

But that happiness did not last long.

Shortly after, my big brother Kyle suddenly went missing……

Father was so distressed at this that he fell ill and took to bed. He passed away, and Kyle never returned home.

Kyle, where did you go?

Where are you, and what are you doing now….?

In my desk drawer, I still have the letter addressed to Kyle from father.

This was a letter from father…..

Will I ever be able to give you this letter? Brother……

In the picture, I’m standing next to a blond boy.

He was a bright and friendly boy, but he was always out of my reach, being a Viscount. I still watched him from a distance.

I still remember how Raoul and I became friends. I was playing outside on a windy day and my hat got stuck in a tree. He returned it to me.

Even though we knew we were of different social statuses, we innocently made a promise to marry one day. We were so young and innocent then.

Raoul had to suddenly return to Paris one day, and I haven’t seen him since….

I wonder what you are doing now….

These familiar memories are bittersweet, it makes my heart ache.

There’s one more in the picture…..

A boy with black hair, standing in the back.

But who on Earth could he be?

He has such a beautiful face, but it’s expressionless.

Try though I may, I just can’t remember this boy…..

Whenever I try, my memories become foggy.

I’m so happy in this photo, so we must have been good friends.

I was so happy in those days…..

I get so caught up in childhood memories when I look at that photo.

Here, in the Paris Opera House, the audience is intoxicated with thoughts of Carlotta, the Prima Donna, and her beautiful voice.

As soon as the curtain is drawn, the audience is overwhelmed with excitement.

There is a man watching the stage placidly from one of the box seats.

It is the Opera’s first performance for the new managers, Richard Firman.

Richard: …..I feel sorry for myself.

Richard muttered in frustration.

Richard: Remmy, where are you?

Remmy: Yes, Richard? What is it?

When Remmy was called, he approached Richard and bowed politely.

Richard, looking grim, pushed up his glasses.

Even though Remmy is a good butler, his master is always sullen.

Richard: “This is the National Academy of Music at the Paris Opera House.”
“Just look at the stage, isn’t it pristine? It’s laughable.”
“the Prima Donna is so full of pride, and the dancers are nowhere near as beautiful as flowers.”
“And our audience doesn’t even begin to appreciate the beauty of this art form…..”
“….Remmy. Mr. Monsharman showed his lack of talent by employing these people, but your ability to understand the Opera as an art form will improve the show greatly.”

Remmy: “……It seems so”

Heaving a huge sigh, Richard rose from his chair.

A wealthy man wearing noble clothes opened the door of the box that they occupied.

The man walked up to Richard and held out his hand.

???: “Mr. Richard Firman. Congratulations on officially being appointed manager.”

Richard: “Thank you very much. But can it be that I am in the presence of the son of Philip, the Earl of Kyoshuku?”

They both bow respectfully to one another and shake hands firmly.

Richard: “I must say I am a little nervous to officially become the manager of this opera.”

Phillip: “So modest… But there’s no need to worry. Everyone knows about your great musical talent, but your business sense is even more well known.

Richard: “It’s very kind of you to say so.”

Phillip: “By the way…. Do you have any idea where the previous manager, Monsharman, went?”

Richard: “Ah, it seems, that Mr. Monsharman is a celebrity. Can I not even go out to dinner without being asked about him?”

Phillip: “……”
Richard: “Ah…. That was a rude thing to say to you, Count Phillip.”
“Do know that you have my eternal gratitude. If it was not for your generous donations, there would be no opera at all. Please forgive my rudeness.”

Richard politely bowed to Phillip.

Phillip: “….No, don’t mention it. It is my pleasure to help support the opera house.”

Phillip then looked at his pocket watch.

Phillip: “But let us discuss this further another time.”

Richard: “Yes, that’s a good idea.”
“Ah, Earl, I must introduce you.”
“This is Remmy, my butler. Since I am now manager, he will be serving as secretary of the opera house.”

Phillip: “I see. He must be quite competent if he is your servant. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

Richard: “I am leaving it up to him to take care of any of your needs. If you have any questions or requests, do not hesitate to ask.”

Remmy bowed politely to Phillip.

???: “Master Phillip?”

Phillip: “Ah, Helene. What’s the matter? I was just chatting with the manager and his assistant.”

Helene: “Yeah…. I was wondering what was taking you so long, Master Phillip.”

Phillip: “It was nice of you to come check on me, but you need not concern yourself.”

Richard: “You are a lucky woman to be engaged to marry the Count Phillip de Changny.”

Helene: “I-I’m lucky?”

Phillip: “Yes, the manager is correct. I, too, feel lucky to be engaged. Although I think that she could easily do better.”

Richard: “Yeah, I am pleased for the both of you, being both of the upper class and getting engaged.

Phillip: “Thank you very much.”
“Forgive us for being rude, but we must go now. Good luck tonight.”

Richard: “Ah, I see….”

As Phillip and Helene leave, Richard heaves another large sigh.

Richard: “….finally.”
“His only purpose is to support us financially, there is no need for us to have such lengthy, boring conversations.”
“I have to act so cordial and suppress the vulgarity that I feel toward such people.”

Remmy: “……”

Richard finally returns to his seat.

He glances down at the stage and snorts derisively.

Richard: “I also have to rely on Poliny to keep track of the financial accounts.”
“With my expertise as a musician, I can easily improve those on stage and make the Opera excel.”
“Remmy. We’ll have to rid the Opera House of the incompetence of Poliny, won’t we?”

“Yes sir…. But is it really a good idea to fire him without first speaking to Monshulman?”

Richrad: “Monshulman entrusted me with the responsibilities of running the Opera House. I’m going to take on the full responsibilities of being a manager.”
“Besides, what will talking to him accomplish?”

Remmy: “I guess you’re right…. Besides…. We’ve already arranged for someone to replace him anyway.”

Richard: “Heh. Yes, and then what?”

Richard gave Remmy a proud smile, eyeing him keenly.

Remmy: “Right. Auditions will be held for new talent. We have already made the preparations.”

Richard: “I see….”

Richard lowers his eyes to the stage again.

Richard: “I don’t care how you do it or how much it costs, but we WILL find decent talent for my Opera House.”
“We can come up with cash as needed.”

Remmy: “I understand.”

The audience in the Opera House is full of aristocrats.

Richard sneered down at them.

Richard: “Yes. If you need money, simply tell the Earl.”

Remmy: “….You mean…. Phillip?”

Richard: “Of course….The Earl certainly has more money than he knows what to do with.”
“Remmy, he will surely help us out.”

Remmy: “Yes, sir.”

Remmy bowed deeply to Richard.

There is a man wearing a tall silk hat. He is producing flowers from his hands one after another as if by magic.

It didn’t take long before his hands were overflowing with flowers, which began to float above the heads of his spectators.

The many flowers floated into the sky.

The onlookers were amazed, many reaching up to try to grab at the flowers.

The man quickly produced a card, seemingly from thin air.

The card turned into a dove, which flew over the heads of the surprised onlookers.

The man is quickly surrounded by spectators as word gets around about the acclaimed magician.

Remmy: “…..”

Remmy quickly turned away from the magician.

He walked past the onlookers as well.

Magician: “…..”

The magician noticed Remmy walking past the spectators.

Magician: “That man…”

The magician suddenly felt the presence of someone else.

Magician: (“I wonder who else is watching.”)

The magician quickly looked away from Remmy, searching.

Nearby, the magician spotted a man in a black hood.

Perhaps it was because of the lowered hood, but the man seemed to have an aura of strangeness around him.

Thinking him a customer, the magician removed his hat and bowed to the hooded man.

To show that his act was complete, the magician put his hat on the ground.

The spectators approached the hat, tossing coins and bills into it and then moving back.

Magician: (“I’ve never seen that man before…”)

Putting away his props and grabbing his hat, the magician quietly departed.

When he turned from the main street down a dark alley, he bagan to run.

Magician: “I hope he doesn’t follow me.”

Suddenly, the magician stopped.

The next minute the magician felt a gleaming blade poking him in the back.

Magician: “…..!”

In terror, the Magician threw a pack of playing cards over his shoulder.

The man in the hood easily dodged it.

But one of the cards had fluttered out of the pack and grazed the hooded man’s face.

???: “….!”

The hooded man touched his cheek and saw that his fingers were faintly stained with blood.

Looking at the blood on his fingerstips, he smiled broadly.

???: “…..”

Magician: “If you value your life, I suggest you leave now.”

???: “…..”

Magician: “Next time, I’ll kill you…”

The magician aimed at the heart of the hooded man and threw another card.

The hooded man slashed the card in half with his knife.

???: “…..”

The magician prepared to defend himself, but the hooded man departed in silence.

Seeing that he was gone, the magician left the alley hastily.

???: “Hey~!”

A voice came from the alley, attempting to hail the magician.

Looking back he saw a dark-skinned man leaning against a building with his arms crossed.

Magician: “…..”

The magician turned away and began to leave.

Dark-Skinned Man: What did you notice…..?

Magician: “…..”

The dark-skinned man called out to the magician, walking after him.

Dark-Skinned man: (“That man from before is a killer.”)

The magician continued to walk, not acknowledging the dark-skinned man.

Dark-Skinned man: Even if you were the King, I don’t think you would have won that battle.

Magician: “I see.”

Dark-Skinned Man: “What, don’t you think he had backup?”

Magician: “…..”

The magician still doesn’t speak to the Dark-Skinned Man.

Dark-Skinned Man: “Hey…. Are you deaf?”

Magician: “…What are you talking about? I just don’t want to talk to some strange guy.”

Dark-Skinned Man: “What do you mean?”

The dark-skinned man looked at the sharp eyes of the magician and raised his hands in amaement.

Dark-Skinned Man: “Do you think he would have killed you?”

Magician: “He would have tried, but I wasn’t worried.”

Dark-Skinned Man: “Haa…”
“….I think I’ll have to befriend you. You don’t understand how he thinks, he’s very determined once he’s chosen a target.”

Magician: “….So?”

The magician asked in frustration.

Dark-Skinned Man: There is no question…. He would have killed you.”

The magician finally stopped walking.

He looked at the dark-skinned man, frustrated.

Dark-Skinned Man: “Hey, just kidding. I know that you are strong and could take care of yourself.”
“No need to get angry. I don’t think he really would have killed you.”

The dark-skinned man laughed merrily, glancing at the magician skeptically. The magician began to one again walk away.

Dark-Skinned Man: By the way, why do you practice magic in the streets? In Persia, people just steal treasure when they want money.

Magician: “…..”

Dark-Skinned Man: “Silence seems to be your specialty….”

Magician: “Why should you care so much?”

Dark-Skinned Man: “Anyway, that guy is just dangerous.”
“Maybe you got away today, but next time it won’t be so easy.”

Magician: “I didn’t even try today… I can be more dangerous as well.”

Dark-Skinned Man: “That may be so. But take my advice friend, why don’t you just go into hiding for a while?”
“You may like being out in public like this, and you might be as strong as you say, but you may also regret your overconfidence.”

The magician stopped walking, but did not look back.

Magician: “Do not approach me again. I find your presence unpleasant.”

The next minute, the magician had disappeared.

Dark-Skinned Man: “Don’t approach him again…. too bad I don’t have any money or I’d watch his show.”

Shopkeeper: “See you tomorrow, you did good work today.”

Christine: “Yes, thank you for the compliment. I must be going now.”

Today is finally over.

As I leave the store, I take a deep breath of the cold night air. It feels good, like it’s filling every corner of my body.

Christine: “Brrr! I’m getting cold…..”

As the cold wind whips at my cheeks, I begin to shiver.

I wrapped my arms around myself and hurried home.

When I came to a street lined with shops, I could see many people entering the clothing stores, both men and women shopping together for new clothes.

Christine: “…..”

I’m so envious.

In the window facing the street, I see lots of trendy and colorful clothes.

One stall was done up all in pink, it was captivating.

Christine: “Ahh~!”

This stall… It’s so nice….

But I look at the price…. I can’t afford it.

I like it a lot…. But I can’t buy it.

If I had just a little bit more money I could afford it.

Even though I know I can’t buy it, it’s hard to stop staring at it.

I imagine how beautiful I would look while wearing the outfit from that stall.

Christine: “…..”

Imagining it just makes me sad.

Christine: “I’ve got to go…”

As I regretfully began to walk away, I bumped into something.

Christine: “Oh!”

Man: “Hey!”

I fell down onto the cobblestones, recoiling from the incident.

Man: “You should watch where you’re going!”

Christine: “E-excuse me…!”

The man that I had bumped into was rather intimidating.

….I’ll try to watch where I’m going next time.

Man: “Do you think your apology means anything to me? Huh!?”

Even though I had apologized, he wouldn’t forgive me. He just got in my face and yelled.

Christine: “Uh… I…”

Man: “Why don’t you come here.”

He grabbed my hand and pulled me forcefully toward him.

Christine: “What? Uh, that’s…!”

He pulled me closer to him, holding me unpleasantly tight. I could feel sweat rolling down my back.

Christine: “P-please, stop! G-go away…!”

Man: “Shut up and come here!”

Even though I tried, I couldn’t resist or pull my hand away. He dragged me away forcefully.


Please…. someone…!

???: “You’re being rather rude to the lady.”

Christine: “Ah!”

The stranger who approached pulled the man’s hand off me and I fell to the ground.

Man: “Owwww ow ow ow ow!”

….What did he do to him…?

The stranger was standing behind the man, twisting his arm painfully.

The golden haired stranger is very handsome….

He looks almost like a fairytale prince….

….And that pure white univorm…. Is he a soldier?

Soldier: “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?”

The soldier handed the man over to the proper authorities.

Christine: “…..”

Soldier: “….You’re not injured, are you?”

The soldier smiled and offered me his hand.

Christine: “Y-yes, I’m fine…”

Soldier: “I see. I’m glad.”

I took his hand and he helped me up gently, smiling happily.

H-He’s being very helpful.

My cheeks are burning….

The soldier picked up my bag which had fallen to the ground with me.

Soldier: “Here you go.”

He handed me the bag, smiling sweetly.

Christine: “T-thank you very much”

Soldier: “No, don’t worry about it.”
“It was not an accident. He ran into you deliberately.”

Christine: “Huh…?”

Soldier: “I was watching. That man ran into you on purpose.”

Christine: “….Really? I see…”

If he hadn’t have been watching….

I don’t want to think about what would have happened.

Soldier: “He may be the one responsible for so many recent attacks and kidnappings of women in this area.”
“Although the war is over, this area is still dangerous. Please be careful in the future.”

Christine: “I will…”

Soldier: “I may not be around next time.”

Chrstine: “Oh! Thank you again!”

Going back to his subordinates, the soldier left, walking in formation with them.

I was so lucky that he was around to help me….

From now on, I’ll be sure to take care on my way home.

Grabbing my purse tightly, I walked quickly back home.

I walked quickly dow the street to my apartment.

Christine: “I want to return home quickly and warm up.”

As I approached my apartment building, I saw a tall man standing next to the entrance.

Wearing such fine clothes and standing straight, he sort of sticks out in this neighborhood.

…I wonder who he is?

…I don’t think I’ve seen him around here before….

When I went to open the door of the apartment building, he spoke.

???: “Could I have a moment of your time?”

Christine: “Huh?”

I didn’t think he would talk to me, so I was a bit surprised.

Christine: “You want to talk… to me…?”

???: “Yes.”

Hmmm… I guess I wouldn’t mind…

But then I remembered what the soldier told me earlier.

I’ll have to be careful.

Christine: “Ah, excuse me, I’m in a bit of a hurry…”

I try to push by him and hurry into the apartment.

???: “You’re Christine Daae, aren’t you?”

Christine: “Huh!?”

How does he know my name…?

The man nodded knowingly.

???: Forgive me, I didn’t mean to startle you. I am the secretary to the manager of the Paris Opera House. My name is Remmy.

Christine: “Mr. Remmy…?”

*Option 1: Don’t trust him
*Option 2: Trust him.

((OPTION 2:))

I don’t think he’s lying.

But why would the secretary to the manager of the Opera House be in a place like this?

….I’ll listen to what he has to say.

Christine: “So… What does the Opera want… With me….?”

((OPTION 1:))

The secretary to the manager of the opera house would not come to a place like this….

However, he does carry himself in a very polite way….

Anyway, I may as well hear him out.

Christine: “So… you’ve found me… What can I do to help the Opera House?”

—-Back to main storyline—-

Remmy: “At this time, the Opera is currently seeking excellent new talent.”

Christine: “Excellent new… talent..?”

Remmy: “Yes. We were hoping that you would participate in the auditions.”

Christine: “Huh..!?”


Did I hear him correctly..?

I must have misheard.

Remmy: “Here is the letter that officially invites you to the audition.”

The envelope he gave me is made of very fine paper.

Christine: “This… is for me…?”

Remmy: “Yes, it’s for you.”

They want me to audition…. at the Paris Opera House…?

I can’t believe it….

I cautiously took the envelope from him.

Christine: “Do you… Mind if I open it?”

Remmy: “Please do.”

In the envelope, there was a letter of introduction and details about when and where the auditions would be held.

And in the letter it said….

That the audition would be in just two weeks….

Remmy: “Normally there would be a more formal introduction than just a letter.”
“I will make a note that you have received the letter of introduction inviting you to the audition.”

Christine: “…!”

This… This must be a dream!

A real audition… At the Opera….

My heart beat faster and the letter began to shake in my trembling hand.

Christine: “But… w-why me…?”

Remmy: “I heard you sing at the cafe.”
“They asked me for my reccomendation. I immediately thought of you.”

He listened to me sing…. At the cafe..? I can’t believe it…

I’m so happy…

Remmy: “You’re taking so long to reply. You do want to audition, don’t you…?”

Remmy must deliver my reply to those at the Opera House.

Christine: “You’ll deliver the message… for me…?”

Remmy: “Yes, of course.”

Remmy nodded to me.

I just can believe… That I’ve got an opportunity like this.

I always believed that the Opera was so far out of my reach.

I was always just happy to have anyone hear me sing…. But this…

Christine: “T-Thank you so much! Of course I accept the invitation!”

Remmy: “Good, I will inform them.”

A-amazing. I am in shock – I can’t believe this…!

Remmy was looking at me with scrutiny.

Remmy: “I put in a good word with the manager for you, but if you want to pass the audition, please take some time to practice.”
“Influention singers from all across Europe will be participating in the audition. You can’t just give some half-baked performance, you’ll have to try your hardest.”

Christine: “….!”

He’s right, this is a serious audition.

There’s no time for fooling around, I must practice hard….

Remmy: “One of the judges of the audition will be Richard Firman, the manager of the Opera House.”
“As you may know, Firman is a very successful composer.”
“You can’t fool him, remember that.”

Christine: “yes… I understand.”

Remmy: “So, that’s it then.”

That was all he said before leaving.

I still can’t believe it…

But the letter of introduction in my hand is solid proof.

Even I have heard of the musical prowess of Richard Firman, he’s famous throughout Europe.

I can’t believe I’ll besinging in front of him…

I must do my best and practice hard…!

Back inside my apartment, I was still so full of excitement.

I tried to calm down and once again read the letter of introduction.

Yeah… There’s no doubt… This is a letter of introduction and invitation to audition at the Opera House.

Having a chance like this present itself…. it’s like a dream come true.

I told my father in my picture.

Christine: “Father! The most amazing thing happened today!”
“I was invited to audition at the Opera House!”

Things have been so hard up until now…

But maybe…

Christine: “Father, Big brother Kyle….”

I remember what father had told me so many times when I was little.

Father: “If you truly love music with all of your heart, the Angel of Music will bless you and reward you with great talent.”
“Christine, I know that someday you will hear the voice of the Angel of Music.”
“What if he doesn’t appear to you? Well I’ll just have to ask the angels in heaven to send him when I get there.”

Ever since father told me that story, I dreampt of the angel…

“The Angel of Music will visit you, I know it. And once he does, you will grow up to become a great prima donna,” he told me.

Perhaps father asked God on my behalf.

Maybe the Angel of Music DID visit me….

Christine: “…H..huh?”
“H-hep! Someone please help me!”

I see the face of an old woman, and she’s holding a knife!

Scary, it’s so scary..!


The old woman swings the knife-

Christine: “…..!”

That dream….

My bedsheets and clothing are soaked with sweat, and tears are streaming down my cheeks.

Attempting to calm down, I force myself to breathe slowly and wipe away the tears and sweat from my face.

I pour myself a glass of water from the jug beside the bed and take a sip.

Christine: “I’m so confused… What on Earth was that dream about?”

That old woman has appeared in my dreams many times since I was a little girl. She always tries to attack me.

And I wake up crying every time.


It’s already bright outside.

It’s morning.

I leave my bed and go to the window. When I open it, I am refreshed by the breeze which brings in the cool morning air.

As the fresh breeze caresses my cheek, the unpleasant memories of the dream fade.

Audition Day

The girls who have gathered to audition today are waiting in the wings.

The turnout for the audition excedes my expections, many people have turned out to participate.

Everyone is aiming at the same goal, to stand on this stage in front of an audience.

Even though there are people everywhere, everyone stands alone… They want to outshine everyone else.

As my turn draws nearer, I begin to tremble nervously.

???: “Christine Daae, it’s your turn to audition.”

Christine: “Yes!”

Finally my name was called.

Every muscle in my body feels tense as I take a hesitant step onto the stage.

My view of the auditorium from the stage was magnificent.

It’s so big….

And the ceilings are so high…

Why… would they want me… to sing in a place like this…?

My knees are shaking, and my heart is pounding.


Mr Remmy is standing in the center of the audience. Next to him is a man wearing glasses who is sitting cross-legged

Is that person in the glasses…. Mr. Richard?

Suddenly I remembered what Mr. Remmy had told me.

Remmy: “One of the judges of the audition will be Richard Firman, the manager of the Opera House.”
“As you may know, Firman is a very successful composer.”
“You can’t fool him, remember that.”

And now it’s my turn to sing in front of him….

My whole body feels tense.

I wonder… do I even have a chance?

I…. I should just do my best and hope.

Christine: “T-thank you!”

I bow deeply and the accompaniment begins.

I fold my hands in front of my chest and take a deep breath.

Christine: “T-thank you very much.”

I did well… I can safely say that I did my best today.

As Mr. Remmy suggested, I had been practicing hard the past two weeks.

I bow and try to leave the stage, buy my knees are still shaking.

Christine: “….!?”

I look up to the boxes along the side of the stage and I thought I saw a man. He wore a mask and had a black cloak.


When I looked again, he was gone.
He was there a moment ago, but now he’s gone.

Was it just my imagination?

Christine: “Phew….”

As I begin to pack up my things to leave, I hear a voice from behind me.

Candidate 1: “I’m so nervous. I wonder if I passed the audition? They didn’t even announce the results.”

Candidate 2: “I know, I feel the same.”

Candidate 1: “It was so nervewraking having to sing in front of someone famous like that. There are so many women with so much talent here, do you think we even have a chance?”
“Well, that’s that anyway. All I can do is wait until they post the results and hope that I passed.”

Candidate 2: “Are you nervous?”

Candidate 1: “Of course. Mr. Remmy, Mr. Richard’s secretary, was watching as well.”
“And they just both seemed so cold! I guess we don’t really know that they are for sure, but I still want to get out of here a soon as possible.”
“It seems that this place is becoming so much worse now that Mr. Remmy presides over the whole scene. What can you say to a man who doesn’t respond to flattery?”
“After all, they are only recruiting new talent because he fired everyone else….”

Candidate 2: “Oh, is that so? I doubt I’d go for him even if he fell for me my first day on the stage.”

Candidate 1: “Yes, I agree. Even if Mr. Richard is a kind man, it just isn’t right to abuse one’s connections in order to take over the business like this.”

Candidate 2: “Ah, I wish I had aristocratic acquaintances to abuse like Mr. Richard!”

Once I was finally over the nervousness of the audition, so I walked past the two women who were chatting happily.

I wonder why they thought Mr. Remmy was so cold…?

I just don’t see it…. but….

Either way, I don’t agree with them.

As for today, I did my best. Perhaps this will put me on the path to becoming a famous singer one day.

I’ll know as soon as they announce the results. It should be about 2 hours after the last audition is conducted.

It’s finally time for the results of the audition to be announced.

A man enters with a large sheet of paper and all the participants gather around him.

The paper has the names of those who passed the audition on it.

Everyone is so tense while they wait for the paper to be posted.

Staff Member: “I’m pleased to announce the successful candidates”

He spread the paper across one of the walls and tacked it in place.

God, and father… give me courage!


This says….


Christine Daae.

There is only one name written, MY name.

My name.

Christine: “I… can’t believe it….”

I’m a member of the Opera now!

Without a word, everyone heads to the back of the line.

I’m the only person frozen in place, tears are streaming down my face.

I go to the church to visit father and tell him that the Opera audition went well.

I enter the cemetery and walk to father’s grave.


….Is that Mr. Remmy?

He quickly leaves through the exit on the other side of the cemetery.

Maybe I was mistaken, but I thought it was him….

I sit down on father’s grave and place a flower on it.

I close my eyes and fold my hands.

Father…. I passed the audition at the Opera House today!

I have secured my place as a member of the Paris Opera House!

Maybe, just maybe, this will bring me one step closer to my dream of becoming a prima donna.

I think it was you watching over me that gave me the ability to pass the audition.

Thank you so very much….


This song….

This violin music seems to be coming from nowhere at all.

It’s the song that my father taught me to play very well…. A very long time ago.

Even though it saddens me to remember, I also feel nostalgic, like I am back in those happy days.

Christine: “Who could be playing this melody?”

I look around, but there is no one there.

…It sounds like how father used to play….

???: “You did your best, Christine.”

Christine: “Huh!?”

I am shocked to hear that beautiful voice, it sends a current of energy through my body.

I am wrapped in this strange sense of extacy.

It makes me feel so relaxed…. I wonder what happened to him….

He had such a charming voice…..

….It’s almost as if his voice envelopes my very being.

???: “Wherever I go, you will always be with me.”

Christine: “Who… are you?”

???: “I’m with you. Let me lead you….

Christine: “Lead me…?”

???: “Wherever you go, I’ll be with you.”
“Do you understand, Christine….?”

Father: “If you truly love music with all of your heart, the Angel of Music will bless you and reward you with great talent.”
“Christine, I know that someday you will hear the voice of the Angel of Music.”
“What if he doesn’t appear to you? Well I’ll just have to ask the angels in heaven to send him when I get there.”

Christine: “You are… the Angel of Music…?”

A sudden gale blows past me, drowning out my words.

At that moment, a dark figure appeared in my mind.

Christine: “…..”

I finally opened my eyes.

Did I faint…?

My pulse and breath are still so quick.

It’s so strange, my body is still reacting to the vision.

Christine: “Could that voice really be… The Angel of Music…? I can’t believe it…”
“I didn’t think there was such a thing…”

—Opening Movie—-

You are a lucky man, Count Phillip de Changny, to be engaged to marry such a beauty


10 thoughts on “Intro”

  1. Hello!

    Great job translating the intro! 😀
    I’m in the middle of playing this game as well (I’ve done all but Remy and Phantom) but with my basic Japanese and AGTH, I’ve only understood about 70% of the
    So happy that I stumbled upon your page!
    Well done, 頑張ってね!

  2. is there going to be a patched version?

  3. Regarding your translation, you may want to consider cross-referencing it the Phantom of the Opera novel’s wikipedia entry. Most of the names you’ve written phonetically (Monsharman instead of Moncharmin, Poliny instead of Poligny, etc.) I’m looking forward to seeing your progress!

    • THANK YOU! I was seriously wracking my brain trying to remember the ACTUAL spelling for those names xD I’ll toss them over to my editor and have her work on what I’ve already translated :3

  4. Hi,

    I was just wondering if you’d like another editor? I’d be happy to help 🙂

    • Hey there! I’m definitely going to need a couple play testers once the patch is all/mostly done. I’ll probably make a post about it later on ^_^

    • catwoman90808 said:

      Same here I’d love to help get this game out faster! So if there’s anything I could do to help, tell me (and with my limited skills I’ll do my best)

  5. Alexandra said:

    I too have limited skills but would be glad to be able to help, Ill do my best if I can help you with anything! 😀

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