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Lines Translated:
Persona Phantom of the Opera English Translation Otome Game

Lines Edited:
Persona Phantom of the Opera English Translation Otome Game

That’s right, folks. Progress has been made, the project is not dead! However, I started playing the game with my newest boyfriend (weird, I know :P) and noticing all the errors I made in tense and verbage and such. So now, along with a ‘lines translated’ tracker, I’ve also started a ‘lines edited’ tracker. Yaaaay! Keep in mind this progress bar is JUST for translation. This does not include the unknown amount of time it will take to fix any errors or edit any images that may need it. Of course, starting to replay the game has rekindled my love of the characters and stories, so there IS a silver lining…

So far I have all of Raoul’s and Fantome’s routes translated. I am working on Philip sand would say I’m about half done with them. Now about the errors… We’re still experiencing errors when we try to save or load the game. Quick Save and Quick Load work, but straight up ‘save’ and ‘load’ cause the game to crash.

Another issue we’re having involves the patching code not playing nice with google spreadsheets and google spreadsheets not allowing me to have all the lines necessary. Basically, the code will only create a patch from one spreadsheet, but the amount of dialogue in this game requires me to have 3 spreadsheets worth of translation, so the code will only patch roughly 1/3 of the game at present, even though I’ve translated much more than that.

There is another error that will be rather annoying for those who do not have any Japanese knowledge. The names of the characters are nowhere to be found in the text files that have been extracted, so they still appear in Japanese. For example, instead of Richard, it shows the text リシャール, which is the katakana spelling of Richard. It does this for every character except the main character and a few others whose names I have been able to fix (Fantome and Magician mostly).

We are also having problems with the ability to name your own character. For some reason, even though I’ve kept the call-to-action characters in every instance that the game uses them to recall the name you choose for your character at the beginning of the game, it will not work in the patch. It simply shows the call-to-action characters instead of your chosen name every time. It’s annoying, and I don’t know what can be done. The game is still playable, but it’s annoying.

A final error we are encountering is the patch creating issues in the text and dialogue once it is implemented into the game. For example, a line that I have translated as “….” may come out as …..”””” or something. For some reason, quotation marks and apostrophes are causing issues in the game. The game is still playable, so this last error will be the last to be actively worked on, and we could theoretically release the patch if this is the only error left.

To address some of the most common questions I’ve been getting recently, I don’t think it makes sense to release an unfinished patch until I get all of the errors worked out. If you are really interested in helping translate, please send me an email at LillyInverse@Gmail.com and I will send you a quick ‘test’ to make sure you are up to it. If you are, then I will gladly take the help! For those who wish to hurry the project along but cannot offer their services, the only thing that will really help with that are donations. If I get enough donations to help offset my living expenses, then I can work on the translation more instead of working to pay my bills ;3

Once again, I want to apologize for how long this project is taking, but it is still only me working on translation. My boyfriend has offered to help with the editing of the lines, so that’s at least something. If anyone thinks they can help with any of the errors we’re experiencing, please let me know!