*PHEW* Ok, I know it’s been a while. Like, a retarded long time. I’m super sorry, I really wish I could put more time and effort into this! Translating gives me a sense of accomplishment, but this task is so huge and daunting (and occasionally DISTURBING) that I find myself taking frequent, long breaks. I think the person who was helping me work the translations into the game probably gave up on me to. I’ll try to contact them again if/when I get further along in the project.

To answer a few questions: YES! Courage got his wheelchair! Thanks so much to everyone for helping out! Yes, I plan to translate the game, to make the text in the game translated, not just provide a script. YES! I can use help! If anyone thinks that they could 1. translate and edit the pictures themselves within the game or 2. get the translated text into the game files themselves, please let me know! I don’t know if I can rely on someone I have not heard from and not tried to contact in so long :/ I feel bad about it, but I can’t blame them. Finally, YES! I will need play testers as soon as the game is playable with the patch!

I think I’ve answered all the questions posed, but if I missed one please don’t hesitate to comment here. I have a family funeral to go to this weekend, but I imagine that I will need quite a lot of distraction from that, so I will try to get some work done as far as translating lines goes. Wish me luck!