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I know it’s not that big of a jump fromΒ  last time, not even 10%, but I like nice round (not really) fractions, so I’m excited to be 1/3 done! Unfortunately, 8% in a month and a half is nothing to brag about :/ but times have been tough, in all senses of the word.

I’m laid off over the summer, since I work at a college, so I’ve been making some art to sell at conventions, so I’ve been totally swamped with commissions and preparing to travel to cons to try to bring in at least SOME sort of income during these months. And, of course, summer is when EVERYone wants to hang out and do stuff, so I’ve been trying to balance my working with my hanging out with friends and doing (free) stuff, making time scarce. If you wanna be awesome and signal-boost me, I’d totally appreciate it! My website is Lilly Inverse Designs. I make geeky stuff, lolita stuff, and cybergoth stuff lol.

Another, not-so-great thing that’s been taking up my time and that I would LOVE for you guys to signal boost is this…

That is Courage, my mom’s dog. We’re not sure what’s wrong with him, but the vet says it might be neurological. If you could pleeeease signal boost his Hope Mob (It’s like Kickstarter but for causes) I would REALLY appreciate it! This is his Hope Mob Link https://hopemob.org/s/1jn-courage-the-brave-dog-needs-a-wheelchair

And my FINAL excuse for being UBER busy is having been invited by the awesome DJM to stat a podcast! It’s an anime podcast where we watch a different anime every week and then do a podcast on it. We’re on episode 3, going on 4 which should be out this Sunday. If you want to download it, it’s called Nanashi and it can be found on his website http://deltajulietmike.com/

That’s it for now! I’ve got soooo much more to do, but I’m still excited for hitting this major step ^_^ As always, the little counter along the left sidebar shows the actual lines translated vs. actual lines total, so that will give a more accurate view of how far I am. Can’t wait to work more! Later! πŸ˜€