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First of all – happy new year to everyone! I hope your holiday and your year end celebrations went well.

Secondly, it’s been brought to my attention that this blog is getting popular 😮 I never dreamed that this would happen lol. Honestly, I just thought that I would post and show a few friends so that they could keep up with my progress. But this is wonderful!

I want to thank all of you – from those who showed me to the forums to ask for help, to those who helped set this whole thing in motion. And I also want to thank those who have helped make this blog popular. It was recently mentioned on http://www.englishotomegames.net/ , http://ikemenheaven.blogspot.com/ , http://www.ufo.net.pl/video/4oZ2KB3mJ1c , and http://vndb.org/r24506

If anyone has any more sites that they have seen my blog linked form, please let me know so that I can give them a thank you by posting a link to their site from mine :3

As to the project itself, I spent the last couple days partying with family and friends, so I didn’t get much done. The wonderful lady who’s helping me with the patch itself is out of town, but as soon as she gets back, I’ll have an exact number of line that need to be translated so that I have a more accurate number to use in the progress bars on the site. I’m going to try to continue at a rate of 500+ lines per day until school starts on the 7th, at which point I will probably have to slow down. Either way, I’m looking at Spring as a deadline for the release. Wish me luck! 😀