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So I figure I can use this as an update blog now so that you guys have a rough idea of where I’m at. I’ve been really sick lately, so I haven’t been doing much beyond playing silly games and translating. As of right now after translating another scene, I’m at 4850 lines translated out of an estimated 30,000 lines, which puts me at about 16% completion. When I last updated, I had just the intro translated. That was at about 700 lines, or about 2.3%. So yey! Big jump in progress!

Still no fix for the bugs in the patch though. My programmer is out of town for the holidays, so that probably won’t be fixed for a while. But hey, translation won’t be done for a while either lol. My goal is to get as much done as I can by Jan 7th because that’s when I’ve got to go back to school and work, which will take up quite a bit of my time. Wish me luck!

I’ve added these nifty little progress meters to both this update and the last update. I’ve also added one to the sidebar of the blog itself. I will update the sidebar one more often than I update the blog itself, since that’s just a matter of punching in what line I’m on, so be sure to check out the progress bar in the sidebar for a more accurate report on where I’m at currently.