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So I busted my rear for the last week and got the intro and all its hidden scenes and such translated and patched. There are a few issues we’re having though. One is an error that we get when we try to view the ‘memories’ section while using the patch. Another is random typos. For some reason, even though I’ve checked and double checked and I’m sure that I’m 100% NOT typo-ing, the game shows things like lack of quote marks, or double quote marks on one side and none on the other. But it’s still progress! 😀

In other (not so great) news, the game itself has something like 30,000 lines that need to be translated… So far, I’ve done around 700 in the actual patch itself, with quite a few more if you count all the files I’ve got saved which contain translations from my playthroughs… It’s gonna be a while T_T