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Hello once again 😀 I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I wanted to give you all a quick update on what order I plan on translating the storylines in.

There are 5 gentlemen to choose from (and yes, I’m using that term VERY loosely for some of these characters lol).

So, in my personal playthroughs, and thus the order that I will be translating them in, is as follows: First has got to be Raul since that’s the way that the actual book/musical ended. And face it, he’s a LOT sexier in this lol!

Official Mirai-soft Description (Translated by me ;3):

Raoul de Chagny An empty sun:

Soldier in the Navy, has a brother named Phillip.
A viscount of Normandy.
Met Christine at an early age. It was a pure first love.
A naive young man who is dedicated wholeheartedly to his love for Christine.
“It’s me, Do you remember Christine?”

Next will be the Phantom of the Opera himself, or Fantome as he is called in this game. Because let’s be honset, he’s the one 90% of players are going to want to romance, and that’s the way the book/musical should have ended in the opinion of many, many Phans lol.

Official Mirai-soft Description (Translated by me ;3):

Phantom of the Opera:

A mysterious man wearing a mask, strikes fear in the hearts of those in the Opera House.
One day, he approached Christine and offered to give her singing lessons.
Why is it that he never goes out in public, and yet offers to teach Christine …?
“You’re mine! …I will not permit others to have you!”
Next is a hard choice, but I think I’ll go with Phillip. I think I’ll need something less angsty and creepy after romancing the sexy half of that face. And what the hey? Rich boys are always nice.

Official Mirai-soft Description (Translated by me ;3):

Philippe de Chagny

Patron of the Opera House, Raul is his brother.
He is the governing Earl of Normandy.
Engaged to Helene, though it will be an arranged marriage.
His personality does not always seem like that of an adult.
He is friendly to everyone he speaks to and dresses elegantly.
He stands up for things he believes are just, yet always seems calm.

“Christine is a mysterious woman. She makes my heart race.”

After Phillip I’ll be done with the blonde haired nobelmen, so I think I’ll try for the mysterious and somewhat sad Remmy. He’s always being bossed around by mean old Mr. Firman and sighing listlessly when given an order he doesn’t like. What woman doesn’t want a cute boy that she can boss around? And with a last name like Spork, I expect great things from this man 😛

Official Mirai-soft Description (Translated by me ;3):

Remmy Spork

Richard Firman’s long-time family, he is also the secretary manager of the Opera.
He doesn’t speak very much, and his face is usually emotionless.
Very competent in his job and completely loyal to Richard.“You are not the only disadvantaged person in this Opera House.”
Lastly, but probably not least, is Mr. Grumpy, Richard Firman. What can I say? He’s probably insane and sadistic, so it should be fun for poor, pure Christine to try (and of course fail) to resist his grumpy charm 😛

Official Mirai-soft Description (Translated by me ;3):

Richard Filman Hiroshi Sakura: CV

New manager of the Opera House.
It is easy to see how cruel he is, even upon meeting him briefly. He has no tolerance for others, especially when they get in his way.
He feels that he is inherently better than everyone, and doesn’t try to hid his pride.
Has also succeeded as a businessman, but is also a well-known musician.“I suggest you do everything I say…. Or else I’ll have you silenced.”


So! While you wait for more updates from me, enjoy the opening video (WARNING! 18+ ONLY!)